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Amortentia.Org Challenges

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This is a community of challenges for writers of HP fanfic. Everybody's welcome to join. Whether you like HET, SLASH, or GEN, there's an archive at Amortentia.Org for you. I started this lj community to make for easier commmunication between fic writers and readers, and to gather lots of great fics to archive.

We do two things here: challenges and fests. The fests are broadly-themed free-for-alls. The challenges are more specfic, there's a different one for each archive(see below), and they will run for shorter times.

PLEASE NOTE: Any story submitted for the challenges here will be archived at Amortentia.Org.

Archive Info:
Ruby Amor = HET
Sapphire Amor = SLASH
Emerald Amor = GEN

1) You must be a member to post your story here on the lj. But if for whatever reason you can't sign up here, I'll accept and archive any submissions sent to challenges@amortentia.org.

2) Please beta your stories before submitting them.

3) All stories submitted here must be posted using this template:

ARCHIVE (Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald)-

Also, please make the name of your story, the title of the post.

4) All submitted stories must adhere to the guidelines specified for the current fest or challenge.

voting system:
For each of the five categories listed below, the story can earn a maximum of five points. It is entirely up to you, the voter, how many (if any) of those points you award to a story here. When you've tallied your points, a golden star value can be applied (see below).

+5 Coherency
(can the story be followed easily? also grammar)

+5 Word Use
(when the author knows exactly which words will best get their point across. also spelling)

+5 Characterization
(how well the author knows their characters, and how well they show it.)

+5 Style
(the personal mark the author puts on a story.)

+5 Creativity
(where the author dares to go with a story.)
=25 possible points

golden star values:
* = good (10-14)
** = great (15-19)
*** = exceptional (20-24)
**** = extraordinary (25)
***** = golden hall inductee (4 gold stars & reader's poll nominee with at least 100 votes.)

Current Fest:
The Last Comic Standing Challenges